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Support safe and affordable housing in Addison County

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Together, We Make It Home.

In 1989, community leaders in and around Addison County banded together to tackle the mounting issue of sky rocketing housing prices disproportionate to an increase in wages. For many Vermonters, this ever widening gap between salary and housing meant the difference between safe, supportive housing and homelessness or inhumane living conditions.

Starting with single family homes and land, ACCT purchased then resold qualified home buyers at a reduced price as well as preserving 6,000 acers of land. Over 30 years later, ACCT has assisted xx families secure a place they are proud to call home through what is now called the Shared Equity Program.

As the needs in our community grow, so do we. Today, ACCT is steward to 600 units of affordable housing made permanently affordable, and rooted deep in the community through our Family Support Program, a partnership with SASH, and relationships with the State of Vermont and Smart Growth Vermont.

.Our Board, Staff, and Volunteers never tire of going above and beyond to improve the lives of those in Addison County. Providing maintenance to existing housing, identifying new development opportunities, and supporting those in our community remains at the heart of what we do.

We make it Safe. We make it Affordable. We make it HOME.